Appliance Recycling in Maple Ridge

At Haney Bottle Depot, we’re proud to offer safe and eco-friendly appliance recycling in Maple Ridge, BC.

Both residents and industries generate tons of waste every year and as conscious citizens it’s our responsibility to be more aware about our actions and how they affect the environment before we decide to toss items such as electronic waste into landfills. While you may be thinking about throwing away appliances there are many reasons why you should recycle them. They are:


  • To protect the ozone layer: Cooling appliances, such as air conditioners, rely on the cooling agent Freon to work properly. Even after the appliance is disposed of, this material tends to remain in the system and can potentially leak out into the atmosphere & damage the ozone layer. This is why it is extremely important to recycle old appliances to prevent these harsh chemicals from damaging our planet.
  • Save money: If you chose to dispose of old appliances at your local landfill, you will have to pay a disposal fee but if you were to recycle old appliances, you won’t have to pay a disposal fee and might even make a little money.
  • Recovery of scrap material: Most appliances and electronic devices are made of a substantial amount of steel, aluminum and other metals that can be reused in the future. This reduces the need to carry out mining for new metals. It’s high time we reclaim as much recyclable metals as possible from existing machinery for future use.
  • Prevents environmental problems:  When appliances are disposed of incorrectly, metals will decompose and penetrate the soil, leading to lead and iron contaminating the groundwater.

Do your bit for environmental safety by opting for appliance recycling. Get in touch with us to ensure the cleanest appliance recycling in Maple Ridge!

Recycle Your Appliances

Dispose your appliances correctly and prevent them from adding to the waste in the landfills.

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